General Information
Project ID:LBN2R201
Start Date:01/ 01/ 2006
End Date:31/ 12/ 2009
MDG Goal(s)
MDG 5- Improve Maternal Health
MDG 6- Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases
International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action
Geographic Coverage
Implementing Partner
Lebanon Family Planning Association (LFPA)
Target Groups / Beneficiaries
Contact Information
Name:Cecilia Chami
Title:Project Manager
Address:LFPA, Beirut

Reproductive and Sexual Health Awareness Education and Family Planning Service Delivery for the Lebanese Army


The Lebanon Family Planning Association (LFPA) had always been extensively involved in collaborating with the Lebanese Army for promoting sexual and reproductive and heath (SRH) including family planning (FP) services and information with prime emphasis on HIV/AIDS awareness. Noting UNFPA’s mandate in promoting SRH including HIV/AIDS prevention to the population at large in general and population most at risk in particular, the Fund supported - between 2006 and 2009 - LFPA’s efforts in further promoting the SRH component as well gender mainstreaming by targeting Lebanese army troops including physicians, educators, and young recruits in various regional barracks including those deployed in the South following the July 2006 war. The UNFPA supported project aimed at ensuring provision of quality reproductive health care services in the health clinics affiliated to the Army Medical Directorate as well as awareness-raising among Lebanese soldiers, officers and their respective families on SRH/HIV/AIDS/FP and gender issues. This project contributed to the realization of the second program cycle (2002-2009), mainly the Reproductive health (RH) output for “increased availability of information and enhanced awareness of youth about reproductive and sexual health”.


The key achievements in the area of advocacy included the following:
  • Carrying out advocacy and sensitization meetings on continuous basis by LFPA towards a) Gaining the commitment of highly placed military officers representing the military leader, and b) Engaging the Lebanese army in this project by ensuring it is represented in the various meetings and activities that took place in military health centers, caserns and military schools. Evaluation meetings were carried out on yearly basis by the LFPA engaging around 45 officials, mainly colonels and doctors who reiterated their commitment and support to promoting RH concepts within the army institution.
The key achievements in the area of generation of knowledge included the following:
  • Carrying out two research by the Lebanese AIDS Society: The first one aimed at assessing the Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Beliefs (KAPB) of Lebanese Armed Forces personnel in caserns, barracks and at Army training centers regarding SRH, including HIV/AIDS and STIs. It also aimed at assessing the level of satisfaction of the respondents with the education sessions conducted by LFPA. The second research aimed at assessing women’s satisfaction with the services provided by LFPA at selected Lebanese Army health facilities.
The key achievements in the area of capacity development included the following:
  • Implementing a series of training workshops aiming at upgrading the knowledge and skills of health care providers and army paramedical staff (midwives, physicians, nurses etc.) and officers on quality RH/FP care and gender issues. More than 1000 medical and paramedical experts were reached, whereby their knowledge and skills were upgraded in the field of reproductive health including FP, and gender.
The key achievements in the area of service and information provision included the following:
  • Provision of contraceptives to army dispensaries. Through the project, LFPA secured a continuous supply of contraceptives to the army medical clinics through the Ministry of Public Health. Six clinics were supported by the project covering various geographical locations. The contraceptive methods requested were mainly pills, male condoms and Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs).
The key achievements in the area of outreach and awareness raising included the following:
  • Production of a set of brochures and flyers disseminated to the soldiers and their spouses during and after the awareness-sessions as well as through the medical clinics. Three topics were covered that revolved around HIV/AIDS prevention, they were family planning and modern contraception, coping with menopause, and cancer prevention among men.
  • Organizing and implementing awareness-raising activities targeting the soldiers’ family communities as well as within military caserns and health schools. The sessions promoted HIV/AIDS prevention and counseling center (Voluntary counseling and testing) available at LFPA.

Latest update: 8/16/2011