General Information
Project ID:LB
Start Date:12/ 01/ 2012
End Date:12/ 01/ 2013
MDG Goal(s)
MDG 6- Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases
International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action
Geographic Coverage
Implementing Partner
Centre Universitaire de Santé Familiale et Communautaire (CUSFC)
Target Groups / Beneficiaries
Adolescents Boys
Adolescents Girls
Service Providers

Expanding Reproductive Health Information and Services for Young People- Operationalizing Youth Friendly Services


Within the context of the RH Output for “Expanding Reproductive Health information and services for young people” supported by UNFPA Lebanon, the project component on “Operationalizing Youth Friendly Services” will be implemented in partnership with the Centre Universitaire de Santé Familiale et Communautaire (CUSFC) at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ). It will aim at assisting selected pilot service delivery points in Mazaraa, Burj Hammoud, Tyre, Baalbeck, and Rashaya to provide youth friendly services (YFS) to young people, including Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH).
Effective youth participation in the development and operationalizing the service package was ensured building on UNFPA’s support to the Y-PEER network in 2009 as well as partnership with key youth NGOs who played a major role in the assessment of the youth friendly characteristics of the service delivery points as well as the capacity development needs of the health care providers.

The project’s objectives are to:
  1. Develop the capacities of all relevant stakeholders (directors of centers, physicians, midwifes, social-medical workers and young people) on approaches for operationalizing YFS
  2. Strengthen the centers to become more youth friendly
  3. Develop and implement an information system for monitoring the services provided to young people in the centers
  4. Sensitize and advocate targeted communities for facilitating access of young people to YFS centers

Expected Results in 2012

Key results in the area of generation of evidence will include the following:
  • CUSFC will carry out a study on two centers that of Rashaya and Al Mazraa to assess their youth friendly approach in terms of services, service providers, management information system, centers’ opening hours and location, policies, and youth-adult participation.
  • CUSFC will carry out an assessment on all centers to assess whether they provide child protection services

Key results in the area of capacity development will include the following:
  • Develop a training manual on YFS and child protection
  • A training workshop for 20-25 participants on YFS (targeting youth, centers’ administration and service providers)
  • A training workshop to 15 youth participants from the 5 participating centers on peer education
  • A preparatory meeting to centers’ directors and data mangers on establishing a management information system
  • Continuous coaching for the centers and youth in the field

Key results in the area of advocacy and consensus building will include the following:
  • Organize a meetings to get consensus on YFS criteria
  • Organize a consensus meeting on YFS training manual
  • Develop a policy brief on the need for YFS and child protection
Latest update: 1/31/2013