General Information
Project ID:LEB02P02
Start Date:01/ 04/ 2003
End Date:31/ 12/ 2009
MDG Goal(s)
MDG 5- Improve Maternal Health
MDG 6- Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases
International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action
Geographic Coverage
Implementing Partner
Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA)
Target Groups / Beneficiaries
Adolescents Boys
Adolescents Girls
Community Leaders
Contact Information
Name:Jumana Kadi Jurdi
Title:Project Manager
Address:MoSA, Badaro

Information, Education and Communication in Support of Reproductive Health at Community Level


This project with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) was designed to contribute to the realization of the second program cycle (2002-2009), mainly the Reproductive Health (RH) output to promote “increased availability of information and enhanced awareness of youth about Sexual and reproductive Health (SRH). While the project was initially designed for two years (i.e. 2003-2004) to include advocacy, capacity development and production of material; however it was decided to extend its duration for maximizing effectiveness of the interventions and optimizing the outreach to the intended population. The extension was also necessary to build on the past experiences and promote behavior change through appropriate and culturally sensitive tools and approaches including communication and information techniques. In addition, an assessment initiative related to “youth friendly services” component was implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) reproductive health project.


The key achievement in the area of advocacy included the following:
  • Carrying out advocacy and sensitization meetings with decision makers at central and community levels to advocate for the importance of providing adolescents SRH information and education at community levels. Decision makers who were mostly targeted included, the ministry of education and higher education and the media sector among others.
  • Documenting lessons learned based on the project’s experiences.
The key achievements in the area of capacity development included the following:
  • Enhancing the capacities of social and community workers from NGOs and social development centers for effective implementation of outreach sessions on various ARSH issues, including proper planning and evaluation
  • Enhancing the capacities of NGOs in organizing and conducting adolescents SRH media campaign through using the Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials developed by the project.
  • Enhancing the capacities of selected social workers on basic counseling in adolescents SRH.
  • Strengthening capacities of young people associated with youth associations, scout organizations, etc. on outreaching young people through media campaigns. These trained youth formed later a network of resource-people in the area of adolescents SRH.
  • Provision of technical support to the ECRD project on advocacy related activities. Holding several meetings and workshops with media representatives around its role in awareness creation to the public at large on adolescents reproductive health issues, needs, concerns, etc.
The key achievement in the area of production of materials included the following:
  • Production of an adolescent sexual and reproductive health training kit containing various educational tools and related facilitators manuals. Specifically, the kit consisted, among others, of a booklet for parents to communicate information with their children, a video and animated (Cartoon) book on “Ashabi wa Ana” (My friends and I), a manual on how to organize a media campaign, the play “Hiwar” (Discussion) and its facilitator manual, a documentary “Sho Ra’ikon” (What do you think) and its related facilitator manual. The project also developed a small booklet to introduce the project along with its achievements and accomplishments.
  • Reviewing and building an inventory of all available reproductive health related IEC materials, and carrying out a rapid assessment of these materials to identify gaps and needs for future use, production, and adaptation of material.
  • Developing and launching the lebteen website with a promotional package.
The key achievement in the area of outreach activities included the following:
  • Carrying out awareness raising campaigns at community level in various regions in Lebanon and through the social workers. Organizing and implementing national media campaigns in 7 communities and focusing on promotion of adolescent SRH.
The key achievement in the area of generation of evidence included the following:
  • Developing a training module on interpersonal communication skills aiming at positively influencing the attitudes and behaviors of the health service providers vis a vis adolescents reproductive health and their development need.
  • Undertaking rapid assessments among young people to identify their needs in SRH information, mainly through focus group discussions as well as undertaking a participatory rapid assessment.
  • Carrying out an extensive assessment of 5 service delivery points to assess their youth friendliness in terms of provision of adolescent SRH services and information. The service delivery points consisted of centers belonging to the ministries of public health, social affairs and NGOs.

Latest update: 8/16/2011