Population and Development


The population and development component aims at improving effective and accountable governance of state institutions and public administrations. This outcome will be achieved through the following:

Developing an integrated information system to formulate, monitor and evaluate policies at national and sub-national levels, with attention to emergency settings: The programme will strengthen national institutions and capacity, including in emergency settings, to: (a) produce, analyse and use disaggregated data at national, regional and sectoral levels; (b) support the analysis and utilization of data; (c) undertake in-depth, policy-oriented studies; (d) improve the management information system and other systems, including those on health, gender equality and gender-based violence; and (e) support large-scale population surveys and the establishment of a database for monitoring.

Enhancing capacity to utilize data for integrating population dynamics, reproductive health and gender-equality concerns into development planning and monitoring processes, at national, sectoral and local levels: The programme will develop the capacity of existing and new mechanisms in: (a) policy analysis, research, costing, and integrating population dynamics, gender and human rights principles into development planning, monitoring and evaluation; and (b) strengthening competencies in reproductive health and rights and gender equality, including in post-conflict settings. The programme will support national and sectoral development planning processes to reflect the linkages between gender, population and development, within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals and the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development.


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Implementing Partner: Ministry of Social Affairs Status: Ongoing Duration: 2010-2011
More about the project
Implementing Partner: Center for Studies on Ageing (CSA) Status: Closed Duration: 2008-2010
More about the project
Implementing Partner: Ministry of Social Affairs Status: Closed Duration: 2003-2009
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