Lets talk MoU Signing
Date: Friday, November 18, 2011
Location: UNFPA Beirut

“Celebrities’ call to Youth: Let’s talk about HIV/AIDS” - Nadine Njeim, Mashrou’ Leila, and Ronin & Nesta Partner with UNFPA on HIV/AIDS Youth Awareness Campaign

Nadine Njeim (Actress), Mashrou’ Leila (Musical Band), and Ronin & Nesta (DJs) will be the celebrity figures of the upcoming “Let’s Talk Campaign”, an innovative initiative for breaking the taboos surrounding HIV/AIDS in Lebanon and promoting awareness on HIV/AIDS among Lebanese youth. As such, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the celebrities and the Youth Peer Education (Y-PEER) in Lebanon on November 18 in the premises of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Lebanon.

Increasing awareness on HIV/AIDS among Lebanese youth remains a major challenge in Lebanon. Despite the fact that Lebanon is considered a low HIV/AIDS prevalence country in general, data shows that youth population is particularly at risk. According to the National AIDS Program, and by November 2010, young people aged less than 30 years old represented 30% of the cumulative number of reported HIV/AIDS cases in Lebanon. Also, and according to the Global School-Based Health Survey in Lebanon in 2005, 20% of students had never heard of HIV/AIDS.

The “Let’s Talk” Campaign responds to the young people’s needs for access to and utilization of information and services related to their sexual and reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS prevention. The campaign aims at voicing out youth concerns and aspirations, stimulating debate, creating demand, and raising awareness among young people around reproductive health issues including HIV/AIDS.

The “Let’s Talk” Campaign is implemented by UNFPA and the Y-PEER network, in partnership with the ministry of Public Health, the National AIDS Control Program at the Ministry of Public Health, and Masar association. It is funded by H&M the international fashion retailer.

The “Let’s Talk” Campaign includes a set of activities. On one hand, it will include a national media campaign (billboards, TV spots, leaflets, concert) involving celebrities to support young people in advocating for obtaining their rights. The campaign consists of the below components.

On the other hand, the “Let’s Talk” Campaign will include capacity development workshops for young people to advocate more efficiently for their own wellbeing, followed by meetings with decision makers to gain support in increasing access to health information and services for young people.

“Let’s Talk” Campaign will be conducted throughout November and December 2011, with a peak around World AIDS Day, on December 1st. The campaign will be implemented in areas surrounding selected schools and universities across the Lebanese territory.

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